Burger King + McDonald’s = McWhopper?

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MIAMI, FL-- The long-standing beef between two burger giants could be coming to an end. Burger King proposed a truce in the New York Times Wednesday. In an open letter, they suggest creating a "McWhopper" combining the best of both burgers, as symbol of peace.

"As two of the world's largest brands, we're in the perfect position to influence change," suggests a video they posted for McDonald's at McWhopper.com. "And like BK, McDonald's is committed to leverage its size, scope and resources to help make the world a better place."

"I love Burger King, and I love McDonald's, so them teaming up to make a burger would be pretty awesome," says high school student Jialon Hutchings. "It'd probably be better if they made a triple meat."

What brought this collaboration on? It was the non-profit group "Peace One Day" who was hoping to bring attention to International Peace Day on September 21st. And BK thought this would be a good way to get that started by teaming up with their arch nemesis for that one day.

Unfortunately, Mickey D's CEO Steve Easterbrook nixed the idea. He posted on facebook, "We love the intention but think our two brands could do something bigger to make a difference." He closed with a snarky P.S., "A simple phone call will do next time."

Facebook folks weren't too impressed, posting things like, "Dumb move, McDonald's. Point goes to Burger King," and "Why McDonald's? Because it wasn't your idea?"

Antina Powell agrees with Easterbrook, "There are so many other ways that we could join forces to make our world better ...It's a great start, but I know it's not the solution to all of our problems."

But high schooler Temberlenn Hall disagrees, "Business is business. I don't care how you get it. You 're makin' money!"