Curt Shilling tweet compares Nazis to Muslim extremists

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BRISTOL, CT – For a man who had such commanding control on the mount, it’s kind of astounding how little control Curt Schilling demonstrates on social media. People are pitching a fit over the former MLB pitcher’s latest online oops, which compares Muslims to Nazis.

It didn’t take Schilling long to realize he struck out with this one; he deleted it within minutes. Even so, he paid the price for the post: ESPN pulled him from its Little League World Series broadcast team and released a statement. It said, in part, that the “tweet was completely unacceptable” and that Schilling could face more punishment “pending further consideration.”

Schilling never got a no-hitter in his MLB career, but he’s had plenty of no-nos since, including a tweet that challenged evolution or a series of posts detailing his run in with airport security.