‘Dust lady’ from September 11 attack dies from stomach cancer

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NEW YORK - It's hard to forget the tragic attack on September 11, 2001 in New York. One woman who survived the attack at the Twin Towers will be remembered from a special photo.

To many she's known as the 'dust lady.' 42-year-old Marcy Borders beat the odds of survival on September 11, but Monday she died after a battle with stomach cancer.

The 'dust lady', named after a photo of her covered in dust and ash, gained national attention. Photographer Stan Honda captured the moment after she fled the 81st floor of 1 World Trade Center, where she was working for a bank.

Reportedly, Borders questioned if her exposure to dust on September 11 factored in her cancer diagnosis. Her family says she died of the diseases that have ridden her body since 9/11.

Marcy's brother Michael Borders posted on Facebook asking for prayers for his sister. Another post 20 minutes later says he can't believe his sister is gone.

On Twitter, New York mayor Bill de Blasio said her passing is a difficult reminder of the tragedy, and the city holds her loved ones in their hearts.

That moment captured in time of Borders will be remembered, from ashes to ashes. When the air clears on how borders got cancer, perhaps her family may be able to breathe a little easier.