Mom giving birth to conjoined twins hopes one will live

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DENVER, CO – Today, Amber McCullough is giving birth to twins, and if all goes well one will live.

“It`s pretty bad when you`re hoping to only grieve the loss of one child," the expectant mom told KDVR/KWGN in Denver.

Sisters Hannah and Olivia are joined at the chest, stomach and hips. But Olivia has a malformed heart and no chance of survival. So immediately after birth, the newborns will go into a risky separation surgery. With hope, Hannah will survive.

"The sacred things in life are always worth fighting for even if it`s a losing battle; even if it`s a battle lost you will never regret fighting for the sacred things in life," says McCullough.

It's been a fight to say the least.

McCullough has been on medical leave since April. Her only means of support: this GoFundMe page.

Add to that, her decision to continue with the pregnancy caused her and her boyfriend to break up. And he wasn't the only one to disapprove. Other doctors suggested that she abort early on, saying the pregnancy could jeopardize her health, and she already has a six-year-old son.

It will probably be a few days before we know how this all plays out. Doctors say even if Hannah survives, health issues are likely.

A little girl with a big battle ahead.