Police say Louisiana police officer was killed by his cousin who killed sister of nearby mayor

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SUNSET, LA – Families are grieving after a murdering rampage in the small Louisiana town of Sunset, just north of Lafayette.

Police say 35-year-old Harrison Lee Riley shot and killed a police officer responding to a knife attack.

And as it turns out, that officer, 52-year-old Henry Nelson, was Riley’s cousin.

Police also say Riley killed Nelson with the officer’s weapon.

Police say Riley started out stabbing his wife and two other women at a Sunset house. The other two women were sisters whose brother is the mayor of a nearby town.

One of the sisters, 40-year-old Shameka Johnson, later died in the hospital.

An employee of the store said Riley was naked when he got out of his car, and that he asked for the store’s owner. She and a customer beat it out the back while Riley barricaded himself inside the store.

A swat team ended up using tear gas to flush him out.

Reports say Riley spent ten years in prison in Texas for crimes he committed in Harris county, three years for assaulting a police officer and seven years for aggravated robbery.

Now, he might have murder added to that long rap sheet.