Rice University football is using virtual reality to help train players

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HOUSTON, TX - Rice fans rejoice! Owl football is about to get even more eye-opening! the university has partnered with STRIVR Labs (a company that specializes in virtual reality) to help their football players set their sights on a winning season.

Three virtual reality machines, to allow these athletes to practice plays as many times as they want. Quarterback Driphus Jackson says, "That's the beauty of it. When you're out there in practice, there's no do-overs, unless you actually decide to do the play over. So this allows me to kinda make the mistakes with my eyes and then allows me to go back." When players put on the Oculus Rift eye-wear, they are transported onto the field where they'll have a complete 360 degree view of a play in action. The actual footage recorded early in the year. But the scenario can be safely reviewed again and again.

Daniel Orr; STRIVR Team Consultant says, "The benefits are huge for players. So he's able to go through and see the vantage point of what he's going to see on the field as he's running the play. You're taking all the physical aspects out and any risk of injury out, but still getting the mental rep." Also younger players who see less game time, can gain valuable experience going through the virtual reality.

Rice University is the first in "Conference USA" to use the new technology. All eyes are on Rice to see if this virtual reality pays off.