The days of dog racing in La Marque are coming to an end

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LA MARQUE - Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, the last track in Texas won't have live racing as of January 1st.

Sally Briggs, General Manager of Gulf Greyhound Park explained, "It's a very sad time for us. We've had 23 great years and appreciate all of our customers, all of our employees, our kennels, and the great greyhounds that we've had running here."

Here's why dog racing has become virtually extinct: attendance has dropped, since the prominence of the Texas Lottery, gamblers have shied away from dog tracks.

In addition, neighboring states allow gambling and casinos at their tracks. Combine all that, and Gulf Greyhound Park has little choice.

Leaving those who enjoy dog racing with a tinge of sadness.

Ron Oliver sais, "I was here the night that this placed opened and remember it well. Yeah, it's sad because I can remember when they would do million dollar handles on a card and it's gone way down to where if they take in 50-60 thousand on the day, it's about the way it is."

"Maybe they should pass gambling in Texas in our area, it would bring in more income, more jobs. They'd be able to fix up Gulf Greyhound Park," commented Tamberlyn Maggiolino.

Though many jobs will be lost, the silver lining - simulcasts will still continue.
And the greyhounds, they'll be taken care of too.

"We will make sure that every single greyhound will be accounted for. You've heard the saying, no child get left behind, well, our motto will be no greyhound will be left behind," added Briggs.

So the dogs will be adopted out or sent to other tracks across the country. Every dog has it's day? Absolutely. Just not in La Marque, anymore.