What to do in case someone starts shooting

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HOUSTON, Texas - Life can be cruel: one day you're alive, chasing your dreams, and the next day a deranged person with a gun or knife for whatever reason kills you in cold blood.   The questions of why horrible things like these happen in America and what we can do to prevent them are still unanswered.

"Prevention is extremely difficult", said Stephen T. Daniel, Senior Community Liaison, Active Shooter Defense at Houston Police Department.  "People normally in a situation like this start running through their mind 'should I carry a weapon?'.  The answer is: you already have the most powerful weapon possible, that is your mind."

Every mass shooting, with so much innocent blood shed, is a shot in the heart for C.J. Kirk, chief instructor of self defense at Krav Maga Houston: "I wish more people were trained and had the capacity to respond in an effective way to those types of attacks."

In their training videos, the FBI and the City of Houston have three words that can be useful in an active shooter situation: run, hide, fight.

"Staying constantly aware of what's taking place, situational awareness, is by far the best thing we can all do to protect ourselves", Daniel added.

We trust our law enforcement agencies to protect us, but it seems that it's not enough.  Whether it's at work, at the movie theater, at school, or in the outdoors while filming a random interview, it looks like citizens need to be more prepared to act.

"We prefer to say run, hide and attack", explained Kirk.  "What we're generally trying to teach people is if you're gonna attack, how to attack, how to move to an attack position, what types of attacks are useful, how to find improvised weapons, how to target specific parts of the body."

Unfortunately, this is the reality we're dealing with.  It's time we dealt with it together.

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