Caught on Camera: Boston woman pushed off roof during college party

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BRIDGEWATER, MA - Talk about a party foul! A Massachusetts college student dancing on the roof of a garage gets pushed off, falling 10 feet onto the crowd below, and it was all caught on camera.

"It was a violent push. If there wasn't people to break her fall, she would have some serious injures," said Tom Schlatz of the Bridgewater Police Department.

Officers there to bust the party instead busted the alleged pusher, Alexander Marquez, a junior at Bridgewater State University. He's charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. His attorney and girlfriend say he just got caught up in the excitement of the crowd.

"My take on the incident, Your Honor, is that is was college party that got out of hand," said defense attorney Brenda Klein.

"She was going to jump anyway and if she jumped, she would have hit the ground so he helped her get to the people," argued his girlfriend, Jezelle Cady.

The woman who was pushed suffered whiplash, some minor injuries and likely a little bruising of the ego. We suggest that next time she stays a little closer to the ground.