Death of man in Dallas jail lobby ruled a homicide

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DALLAS, TX -- A Dallas family gets the validation they’ve been waiting for. Their loved one, 48-year-old Joseph Hutcheson had his death ruled a homicide by the Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office.

Hutcheson died last month minutes after walking into the Dallas County Jail lobby. The bizarre situation was captured on camera. Witnesses said Hutcheson claimed his wife was chasing after him trying to kill him. The situation went from confusing to dangerous when several officers subdued him, one of them putting their knee on his throat.

The outrage over Hutcheson’s death has grown louder in recent weeks and many have accused Sheriff Lupe Valdez of withholding evidence and protecting her officers.

Hutcheson had cocaine and meth in his system and he also suffered from high blood pressure. According to the medical examiner, those factors coupled with the struggle and restraint by officers led to his death.

Even though his death has been ruled a homicide, a grand jury will decide if any of the Dallas officers intended to take Hutcheson's life. Hutcheson's family continues to emphasize that he was not armed and was committing no crime when he was tackled by police.