KY county clerk summoned to court for denying gay marriage licenses

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ROWAN COUNTY, KY -- If you thought the same-sex marriage battle was over, look no further than Rowan County, Kentucky.

County Clerk Kim Davis has been denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing her religious beliefs. Now, she has been called to appear in court later this week.

"No one wants to go to jail, but she's come to the grips that if she has to go to jail, she will go to jail," says Davis family friend Randy Smith.

Lawyers for the couples who have been denied licenses have asked a judge to find her in contempt, but only punish her financially. As an elected official, Davis can't be fired and she won't step down. She's said her conscience and religious beliefs prevent her from issuing licenses to same-sex couples. She tried to get the Supreme Court on board with a religious exemption, but they have declined to step in.