New Texas laws that have to do with drugs

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HOUSTON, TX - With these new laws taking effect today, it's interesting to point out a couple of them have to do with pot. Texas is easing regulations on medical marijuana, while strengthening restrictions on the synthetic stuff. Let's take a bloodshot look at the new legislature. Clinical cannabis users are riding high with the news that medical marijuana laws in Texas are loosening up. Good news for those suffering from epilepsy, whose effects might be alleviated by using cannabis.

While this new legislation is a vote of confidence on the health benefits of cannabis, another new law speaks to the dangers synthetic forms of the drug pose to the public. 26 chemical combinations of synthetic cannabinoids will be banned, after reports of deaths caused from the fake pot tripled this year. It's high time the state puts an end to this. Mental health consultant and attorney Dr. J Thomas Smith says, "These individuals who will be using it, are a very narrow group of people, again those with intractable epilepsy, who have seizures."

Speaking of drugs, a new law is also helping those with past problems. Senate bill 200 allows qualifying ex-drug felons to now receive federal food stamp assistance. So from healthy marijuana use, to unhealthy fake stuff, and even offering "help" to those who overcame their addiction, seems like these new laws cover it all.