University students could fail course for using words ‘female’ and ‘male’

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PULLMAN, WA – A new school year is upon us, and that means the word police are out in force to protect students from racist and hateful speech on at least one university campus.

The web site Campus Reform reports that some professors at Washington State University in Pullman will give students bad grades for using terms like “illegal alien” and words like “female” and “male.”

One of those professors is apparently John Streamas, reprimanded by the university in 2006 for calling a student a white “s”-bag during a heated debate over immigration.

In his current course of “Introduction to Multicultural Literature", Streamas calls out people he describes as “insensitive whites”, people like conservative commentator Glenn Beck who he says complain that they are not allowed to use the “n” word without being labeled racist.

To earn the right to that word, Streamas says beck must “first endure 500 years of racism.”

In a bit of academic irony, Streamas includes in the course syllabus a caution that name calling and other signs of disrespect will result in removal from the class.

Students in the “Women and Popular Culture” course taught by a graduate assistant could fail the class if they use terms the instructor says are racist, sexist, homophobic, or generally offensive, terms such as the man, colored people, illegals or illegal aliens, tranny, or females and males when referring to women and men.

That’s right, you can be punished for calling females and males, females and males at Washington State University.

Pretty soon it won’t be safe to open your mouth.

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