Bexar County Sheriff says second video shows suspect holding knife

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SAN ANTONIO, TX -- Was Gilbert Flores posing a deadly threat to two Bexar County Sheriff Deputies? That’s what the public wants to know and that question may be answered if we see the second tape.

San Antonio residents are the latest around the county wondering if some of their law enforcement agents are too quick to pull the trigger. Flores was killed in his front yard after deputies Greg Vasquez and Robert Sanchez, both with the force longer than 10 years, shot and killed him while it appears his hands were up.

Michael Thomas captured the ordeal with his cell phone. A telephone pole in Thomas’ video keeps us from seeing Flores’ left arm. It’s natural to assume it would be up, but we can’t be certain.

The sheriff department says Flores actually had a knife in that hand, and it can clearly be seen in a second video that they’ve seen. When the public will get to see things from that angle, who knows?

The deputies were responding to a domestic violence call and they say they raced around the residence for about 20 minutes before the fatal shots were fired.