Can there be a loser? Lottery tickets that smell like BBQ

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Who doesn't love the sound of sizzling bacon? Or the aroma of sauce slathered barbecue? Folks living in North Carolina are so crazy about barbecue, they are practically singing about it. But the real excitement involves the state lottery. The latest "scent-sation" has North Carolinians scratching and sniffing and savoring the idea of winning 25-thousand dollars. That's right, lottery tickets that smell like smoky barbecue.

Gloria Caracciolo, a lottery player says the tickets really do smell like bacon!

Barbecue bucks are just the latest idea from the North Carolina Education Lottery and it is designed to keep folks coming back for more.....more tickets, that is.

Alice Garland is the executive Director of the NC Education Lottery. She says, "This is gonna be a great ticket!"

North Carolina is not the only state with an appetizing way to make money. Residents of New Hampshire, Indiana and Colorado can buy bacon-scented lottery tickets in hopes of bringing home the bacon for themselves.

Missouri and the Lone Star state have had their own versions of scratch-n-sniff lottos that involved chocolate cash. Win or lose, playing the game is a fun way to make dollars....with scents!