Congressional candidate Dwayne Stovall’s fight with U.S. Supreme Court

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HOUSTON - The name Dwayne Stovall may sound familiar. That's because he's run for Senate before, and now he's running for Congress. Texas Congressional District 36, to be exact.

As someone who has run a time or two for national office,  you'd think he'd have a pretty good grasp on the laws that govern our nation, but he seems to be a bit confused on the role of the Supreme Court.

Stovall says, "If I get elected one of the things I'm going to bring forward is a way to deal with the Supreme Court and get them out of the business of marriage." He's referring to the Court's recent ruling on marriage equality.

However, the Supreme Court's job as the highest law of the land is to ensure that people's Constitutional rights are not being infringed upon, so it's hard to imagine how Stovall might stop them from their job.

Stovall says he'd keep the Court out by, "...Allowing the individual states to manage that according to their morals, values, and traditions." Stovall's got a lot riding on this, and thinks it will take him all the way to Washington, even though it conflicts with the new rights just afforded to so many.

He's married to the issue, so we'll see if that commitment delivers him to the Hill.