Customer at fast-food drive-up pulls employee through the window by her hair

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NEW YORK, NY – The action at a McDonald’s drive-up window is usually pretty standard stuff: drive up, give your order to the person at the window, wait a minute or so, and get your order.

We’re not sure where, or even when, someone took a cell-phone video that’s picking up interest after appearing on The Smoking Gun, an online site that provides information about weird and crazy crimes.

All we know is what we see, a car pulls up to a drive-thru window and the female driver opens the car door, and stands up.

A young woman working at the restaurant opens the window, and that’s when things go real bad, real fast with the driver reaching out to grab the employee by the hair and drag her through the window. The employee seems to have ended up on the ground between the car and the wall.

The video cuts off a few seconds after the attack. There’s no information on what started it or what happened afterward.

But it’s pretty clear that this was one “unhappy meal” order supersized with a side order of girl-fighting violence.