Daycare workers accused of forming a Fight Club and sharing videos of toddlers fighting

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CRANFORD, NJ – Day care is a place where toddlers can learn how to play nicely with people and learn about themselves.

It’s not supposed to be a place to learn how to fight.

But that’s exactly what investigators say was going on at a day care in Cranford, New Jersey had  a “Fight Club” for little kids, run by two former employees who apparently encouraged preschoolers and kindergarteners to duke it out.

Investigators say a teacher’s assistant used snap chat to send videos to friends, and could be heard using the words “Fight Club.”

The video was supposed to disappear after 10 seconds, but someone made a copy and gave it to police.

Back in 2012, three former Dover, Delaware daycare workers pleaded guilty to charges they formed a fight club for toddlers and took videos of them punching each other.

And last year, two Ohio day care workers lost their jobs when videos surfaced showing them sitting back and watching two toddlers fight, and at times taunting them to keep fighting, calling them cry-babies if the girl and boy stopped punching each other.

The world is violent enough as it is without turning day cares into fight clubs.