In light of recent cop shootings, Rosenberg PD refocuses on core values & community

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ROSENBERG, TX-- On the streets these days, there's danger everywhere -- for the public and police alike.

"We've seen it in Dallas and New York, with the cop sitting in the car," explains Lt. William Henry of the Rosenberg Police Department, discussing recent violence toward police. "We'd like to think of it as isolated, but unfortunately it looks like a trend."

That trend may have also taken down Harris County deputy Darren Goforth, ambushed and killed in Cypress on August 28.

In this climate, it's hard for police to do their jobs and feel safe. In Rosenberg, though, they hope refocusing on training will restore that confidence.

"We don't want officers to get complacent in their daily duties. Make sure from the time you put on a uniform to come to work to the time you go home to take it off, that you're paying attention to your surroundings, that you're aware of what's going on," says Henry, who shares responsibility for training new officers in his city.

During a daily meeting Tuesday, Sgt. John Johnson offered this advice to his uniformed crew: "We will be safe out there. We will protect the public, but we're also gonna do it in a way that we can go home at the end of the day."

"Not everybody's gonna like the police," says Lt. Henry. "We have to learn to deal with that, and make sure that we still go out there with a professional attitude and demeanor and go out and serve the public, who overwhelmingly does support what we do."

"I honestly believe Rosenberg PD is doing a good job upholding the city and the law," says Taylor Janczak, a Rosenberg resident for the last seven years. "Good group of guys, good department."

To keep those good vibes flowing, the Rosenberg police regularly reach out to the community through school and church events and social media. A Facebook video of two of their officers lip-syncing to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" garnered nearly 270,000 shares. "Anything we can think of to help the community see us in a different light," says Henry. "We definitely don't want to feel like it's us against them. We want to feel it's us with them."

It'd be nice if we could all get back to that feeling.