Minnesota State Fair pulls Cosby crop art made of rapeseed

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FALCON HEIGHTS, MN - It's state fair season across the country which means we get treated to art made of butter and crops.

Nick Rindo has submitted "crop art" entries for the Minnesota State Fair for several years creating pieces using wild rice, flax-seed, clover and lentils.

Though Rindo's past submissions are rather impressive since his 2015 piece might be considered offensive since the subject is Bill Cosby.

Now that nearly 50 women have come forward accusing Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them, Cosby as a subject might be shocking enough.

But Rindo took it one step further -- using only one medium to create the portrait: rapeseed.

The submission was accepted and displayed with other entries, but as you can imagine, complaints flooded the fair commission and the Cosby crop art was pulled within a day.

For a man who made his career in comedy, very little about Cosby is funny these days.