Shop HEB from the comfort of your couch

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HOUSTON, TX-- Be honest. Do you use the fact that you're too busy to grocery shop as an excuse to binge on fast food? Well, now you're out of luck. That excuse is d-e-a-d, thanks to H-E-B.

This week, they started home deliveries. If you live in West Houston, the Woodlands or Katy, you can log onto Instacart, click on HEB, and put together your shopping list. You can even specify things like how ripe you want your bananas!

Before you know it, someone will be knocking at your door with groceries in hand. It's slightly more expensive than what you'd pay in the store (10% or less), but you save on gas, time and tabloids. That's right-- you might never have to see what Kim Kardashian is up to ever again!

Connie, who shops in the San Felipe HEB, has her doubts about home delivery, "I think they are nice people, but sometimes they might add something that is not as good and fresh as they sell in the store."

Your first delivery is free, but after that, it's $3.99 for two-hour delivery or $5.99 for one-hour, as long as you buy $35 or more. If you buy a $99 membership, delivery is free all year.

So will people use the service? "Oh, 100%! For sure!" says Sarah Burdge, who we met loading bags of groceries in her SUV. "It'd make my life a lot easier 'cause it's so chaotic and busy."

Shopper Karl Godine, agrees but for different reasons, "Who doesn't love not getting off the couch? That's always a plus."

It seems like a great time saver for those living in areas where it's offered. But we would like to see to see this service pop up where it could really help-- the food deserts around town where folks don't have an HEB to shop in.

Now that would be a special delivery!