Transgender politician from Oregon invents Kiss Meter to measure relationships

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SILVERTON, OR – We all know how the power of love’s first kiss can turn any fairy tale into a life of happily-ever after. Or at least that’s what we hope.

Until now, the tingling in our toes was about the best indication of whether the kiss was good or really, really, really good.

But now, there’s a machine for that: the Kiss Meter.

Stu Rasmussen invented the Kiss Meter. You may remember him as the country’s first openly transgendered mayor, up in Silverton, Oregon. He’s no longer mayor, though.

“It's entirely scientific. It measures the intensity and duration of a connection of two people,” he said.

There's a small electrical circuit inside Rasmussen’s Kiss Meter. The circuit sends a current through both people kissing.

The Kiss Meter analyzes the current and rates the kissers on the strength of their relationship.

“When you get close to closing time and you have to decide between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now, maybe you need some empirical measurements to do that,” Rasmussen explained.

But if you want fireworks, can we all agree there is only one KISS that will make you rock and roll all night and party every day.