Murdered British spy had a Bill Clinton connection, reports British newspaper

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LONDON, ENGLAND – British secret agent James Bond often found himself in seemingly inescapable situations.

But he never ended up stuffed inside a gym bag.

The same cannot be said, however, for British spy Gareth Williams, who ended up dead in a gym bag in his bathtub back in August 2010.

There was some talk that Williams liked to dress in drag because he had women’s clothes and shoes in his apartment, but investigators determined they were meant for a real woman.

And they ruled out porn, even though they found bondage web sites on his laptop.

Now, the latest theory is that he didn’t die because of sex games, but because of a connection to Bill Clinton. A British newspaper reports that Williams Upset his MI6 bosses by hacking into the secret information in a guest list from a Clinton event, as a favor to a friend.

Apparently, that led to someone with a license to kill to get into his apartment through the skylight and kill him, and then erase all of his voice mail messages.

It took the police and coroner a couple of years to agree he didn’t climb into his own bathtub and stuff himself into the bag, then reach through the zipper and lock the padlock.

Forensic experts also didn’t find his DNA on the padlock, and his palm prints were not on the bathtub.

Oh, and he was a mathematician, not a contortionist.

This sounds like it could make a good movie: something like “The Spy Who Bagged Me.”