Houston police officer tackled, tases back

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HOUSTON -  Early Sunday morning in Southeast Houston, a Houston Police Department patrolman driving by South Acres Drive, noticed a fight between two people with a crowd gathered. At least one of the fighters was a woman.

As police do, he hopped in where others fear to tread, to break up the brawl.

While reportedly restraining the woman, a man approached, yelling at the officer to let her go. Then another man from the crowd reportedly ran up behind the officer and tackled him.

On the ground, the officer pulled out his Taser and used it on the man who tackled him. He was cuffed and the officer eventually detained the second suspect.

Another person in the group took off in a car on South Acres Drive but didn’t get too far, crashing into a Metro bus stop bench a few blocks down the road. By the time officers got to the bench, the driver had run off.

The two men involved in the fight now have to tackle charges of assaulting a police officer.