Caught on Cam: Raleigh police officer talks man off bridge and gets hug

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RALEIGH, NC - Movie and TV cops deal with drama all the time. It`s called entertainment. But when life imitates art, you should hope for a police officer like this one in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This dramatic video shows a man hanging over the edge of a bridge clearly in distress and prepared to take his own life.

The man in uniform is actually an off-duty officer on his way home from work. But when the call came in, he heard it and stepped up. He remained calm, reached out and the two began talking.

After several very tense moments, as other cops watched this real-life scene unfold, the distraught man agreed to come off the bridge. Their extended hug speaks volumes about the bond between these two.

Talk about being in the right pace at the right time!

We don`t know what events led this man to the edge of the bridge. But we do know, Officer "Compassion`s" simple act of kindness literally saved his life.

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