Could Houston have a serial killer in custody?

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HOUSTON, TX - A Houston man with a violent history is already accused of killing three people, but could Jamie Lee Walter have more victims? That's what investigators are trying to find out as they guide cadaver dogs through an abandoned warehouse on Todd Street in northwest Houston.

In court Thursday, we learned more about Walter's alleged crimes. Police say he admitted to them that he'd murdered two people and offered to lead them to the bodies.

"The defendant told officers that he and his wife had hit the complainants in the head with a hammer, killing them both," said a prosecutor.

But Walter's wife says she didn't take part in the deadly beatings.

"She was with the defendant when he killed both of the complainants," the prosecutor said. "She stated she watched the defendant hit both complainants in the head. She's tried to stay away from him since that day."

A couple of weeks after the killings, prosecutors say, Walter moved their bodies to the warehouse, stuffed them in a 55-gallon drum, burned the bodies and then buried them.

"Several pieces of bone were located and the ME's office was able to determine that the bones were human remains," the prosecutor said.

Some of those remains belong to two homeless men - Monty Kaiser and Donald Fleming - but investigators say there are three victims, the last one killed a month after the other two.

Walter is being held without bond on three capital murder charges.

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