Kids raise $110,000 for their school by selling lemonade

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CASHIERS, NC – When life gives us lemons, we’re told to make lemonade.

And then, we can go out and sell the lemonade to make a little “walkin’ around” money for ourselves.

Some kids in North Carolina decided to spend their summer selling lemonade, but not to earn money for themselves. They were raising money to help their school.

Chloe Crawford and about 40 friends charged a dollar a cup for their lemonade. Some paid more than a buck.

At the end of the summer, the young entrepreneurs of Cashiers counted up their take and discovered they had made $44,567 for their school.

And then, another surprise. Chloe’s grandmother matched the $44,000 to bring the total to $88,000.

And then another lady chipped in and took it to $100,000.

Another person ended up donating ten grand, to bring the grand total to $110,000.

A lot of lettuce from life’s little lemons.

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