Medical receptionist glues boy’s eyelids shut while doctor watches

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BLAINVILLE, QUEBEC – Some things we learn early from our parents, or at least we should.

Stuff like, don’t run with scissors, or don’t poke yourself in the eye with a sharp stick.

And never glue your eye lids shut, even if you think it’s cool and will impress the girls.

Apparently there’s an eye doctor in Blainville, Quebec, who didn’t get that mommy memo, which was bad news for 3-year-old Vinnie Vavatsikos.

His mom took him to a medical clinic after the family cat scratched his eye lid. But what mom didn’t know is that she probably would have been better off having the cat treat her boy.

And that’s because the doctor glued his eye shut.

The doctor was the only physician working that day, so he had a receptionist apply a little medical glue while the doctor held the boy.

"He might as well asked me to put glue on my son's eye,” said Vinnie’s mom Julia.

The doctor knew immediately something wasn’t right, so he sent the boy to an ophthalmologist who cut off his eyelashes before prying open his eye lids.

The clinic said the receptionist did the gluing because the doctor was doing the “crucial medical act” of holding the boy in place, and that the incident happened because 3-year-old Vinnie moved suddenly.

Doctors don’t think Vinnie will have any permanent vision problems, but it may take a while before he’ll let anyone come near his eye, especially a doctor with a glue gun.

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