Minimum wage workers in Houston are asking for more, again

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HOUSTON - Low wage workers in Houston are clamoring out for more cash.

In front of Houston's city hall, a handful of workers who represent a much larger group, are asking for a raise. They say minimum wage just doesn't cut it and they want $15 an hours in order to survive.

Adolfo Ajucum, one of the protestors, explained, "Bottom line is, money is not enough. If you make $700 every two weeks it's not enough because your rent is more than what you're making."

This isn't the first rally where fast food workers and others who earn minimum wage are asking for a boost. A march last September, and a rally in April, drew much larger crowds but with little results.

"We're here demanding $15 an hour again, working on this because we need a little more money. Not the minimum, the minimum is $7.25 can not live with $7.25," added Ajucum.

Cities like Seattle, San Francisco and L.A. have adopted $15 minimum wage, with New York expected to approve a recommendation . These Houstonians want the same.

And maybe, if they didn't have to be at work in order to pay their bills, more protestors would have been at this rally!

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