Missouri woman donates kidney to stranger out of state

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ST. LOUIS, MO - Most of us know what's it like to give a helping hand, like maybe holding open a door.

How about donating a kidney to someone to a complete stranger? That's what Sara Fleming in St. Louis did for Akiba Robinson who lives in Maryland.

The two never met until after Fleming saw how many people are in need of kidneys on the website matchingdonors.com.

"When I did the research if found out there's over a 100,000 people right now in need of a kidney to live," Fleming stated.

The donation caught Robinson by surprise. After all, it's a kidney, and it's not like donating blood.

"There is so many people in the world they're selfish, they would never do anything like this, so it just really blew my mind," Robinson said.

Their story is spreading on social media and they hope more living donors will step up.

Doctor treatment can cost you an arm and a leg, but the kidney connection between Sara and Akiba is something money can't buy.

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