New species of human ancestor found in South Africa

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JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - Make no bones about this, it's a major find! South African scientists claim they've discovered a new species of our prehistoric peeps! What's up cuz!?! The bones were discovered back in 2013, by professor Lee Berger, while exploring a cave system 30 miles from Johannesburg.

Homo Naledi might look like a bunch of bones, but considering this hominid called our plant "home" 2.5 million years ago, he doesn't look that bad. Not only do we share a name with the new find, we share a special trait with them as well. Dr. Dirk Van Tuerenhout; curator of anthropology for The Houston Museum of Natural Science says, "We are Homo Sapiens, this one is also known as Homo Naledi, second is name different. If you have the label Homo, that implies that they were thought as capable of making tools."

So far the team has unearthed of about 1,500 fossils and they think there's more down there. Scientists think Homo Naledi used the cave site as a cemetery and are looking for more clues as to how (or if) these newly found hominids fit into our human history.

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