Three brothers found stabbed to death in South Los Angeles, injured father suspected

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Relatives, friends and strangers in shock and grief over the murders of three boys found Wednesday morning in an SUV parked outside a school in South Los Angeles.

John Sorrentino discovered the bodies of Alex, Juan, and Luis, ages eight to 12, in the back seat. They had been stabbed to death.

“The one boy I saw, face-to-face. And he had blood all over him. It was a pretty difficult sight to see.”

He also found their father in the front seat.

“I walked over towards the vehicle and I saw an individual slumped in the seat. And as I started to get a little bit closer I saw blood all over him.”

The father, Luis Fuentes, was alive and taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Police suspect he killed the boys. They found a knife inside the vehicle.

Although the SUV was parked behind an elementary school, police say the boys did not go to that school.

Shortly after the discovery of the bodies, LA police got a call to go to another location nearby, believed to be the home of the boys’ stepmother.

She was at work, though, and another younger child was in day care.

At this time, cops don’t know why the father apparently killed his boys before seemingly trying to kill himself.

While detectives try to sort it all out, relatives and friends also try to understand why death came to the City of Angels and took three angels away.

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