Arizona police looking for copycat shooter after 11 vehicles shot in 12 days along I-10

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PHOENIX, AZ – Drivers around Phoenix can be excused if they’re not keeping their eyes strictly on the road these days.

That’s because someone is out there shooting at them.

Bullets hitting 11 vehicles in 12 days along a stretch of Interstate 10 in downtown Phoenix.

Five shootings over three days at the end of August. Then nothing for several days, until six attacks this week.

Cops now say there may be a copycat. They’re looking at two shootings in a different part of the state.

"I don't know if it's different people, I know we have some different M.O.s,” said Frank Millstead of the Arizona Department of Safety. “I know that there have been different items used to cause the damage."

Police say bullets hit seven of the vehicles, with some other unidentified projectiles hitting the other four.

So far, the only injury has been to a 13-year-old girl whose ear was cut when a bullet went through the windshield of her SUV.

The unknown highway hunter has become the hunted.

A former military man who calls himself “Bolt” is leading a small patrol, a mini militia, looking for the gunman.

"Tonight, we're actually looking for any suspicious individual out here,” the man called “Bolt” said.

Armed men knowing it’s a shot in the dark that they’ll find the shooter, and maybe stop the next shot in the dark.