Brutal new details about Houston’s possible serial killer

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HOUSTON, TX - Another day, another set of disturbing details about the Houston man who could be a serial killer.

"These are very brutal, brutal murders. He has shown himself to be a very violent person," says Asst. Harris County District Attorney Justin Wood, referring to murder suspect Jamie Walter.

Houston Police learned of the crimes after Walter allegedly admitted to killing two men.

"They are all part of the homeless community and knew each other from the streets," says Wood.

After more digging, investigators found a third victim.

"Based on the defendant's admissions and other witnesses who've been interviewed," says Wood, "we believe that person is likely his father."

All three victims were beat to death with a hammer, burned, then buried in a northwest Houston warehouse.

"It's pretty gruesome," says Wood.

Walter has a lengthy rap sheet, full of assault and drug charges.

"We know our client has had mental problems and has been on constant medication since that age," says Walter's defense attorney James Stafford.

It's too soon for Stafford to say whether Walter's mental health will play into his defense and prosecutors say it's also too soon to say whether any more bodies will be found.

Says Wood: "I don't know. I hope not."