Chocolate can cure almost everything

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HOUSTON - They say chocolate can cure everything: a cold, heart disease and even a horrible break up.  Take our word for it, if you're looking for a good time with your date or whole family and don't know where to go... chocolate can cure that too.

Erica Rico, the new 93Q Country's DJ, promised to search Houston to find the hottest places in town.  And can anything be hotter than The Chocolate Bar in the heart of Rice Village?  It can be hot… or deliciously cold, sometimes.  Take a look: there are cakes, ice cream, coffee, candies… It's like paradise for all those who believe diet is just myth, and happiness is better served with cream and a strawberry on top.

"My favorite is Tres Leches, by far," said Eric Lopez, the store manager.

A spacious place where children can have a blast and enjoy their treats all over their faces, the Chocolate Bar also hosts a swing dancing club every Thursday in the evening.

"We get together and try to get people interested in swing dance, especially the 1930s style," explained Jerry Foote, from the Houston swing dance society.

Now you know: the Chocolate Bar in the Village. Everyone knows that night out calories don't count.   What a treat!