Ex-boyfriend accused of attacking woman with ax in her sleep

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN - You see it happen in movies. A woman in her house being attacked in the middle of the night by a deranged man.

This time, it's no Hollywood plot.

It's a real-life nightmare that happened to an Indianapolis woman while she was home sleeping.

Autumn Lopez was awakened in her bed when her ex-boyfriend allegedly broke into her home and attacked her with an ax.

"She was able to block it like this to keep it from penetrating her brain, but it went through her skull," says Autumn's mother, Ceci Groce.

Autumn managed to escape and get help from a neighbor.

"I went and got a blanket and put it over her to cover her up because she was all bloody," said Darlene Rodriguez.

Police have a warrant out for Severiano Diaz-Ortiz. The family claims jealousy is the motive and hopes he turns himself in.

Meanwhile, Autumn is recovering in the hospital with severe injuries.

Groce said her daughter "got a black eye, a broken jaw; the bones inside her ear canal are broke."