Explosive pictures from inside Aurora theater shooter’s apartment

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AURORA, CO - As James Holmes spends the rest of his life in prison, we're getting a look at some of the haunting crime scene photos prosecutors used to convict him.

Pictures from inside the Aurora, Colo., theater show torn seats and a gun. They also reveal the sheer size of the theater, which was packed with people waiting to see "The Dark Knight Rises."

Other evidence released includes selfies found on Holmes' iPhone and glimpses of his profile on a dating website.

More shocking still are images from inside his booby-trapped home, which was rigged with loud music designed to lure police.

"His intent was to have law enforcement respond to a noise complaint, trip the trip wire and set off the devices," said ATF Explosives Enforcement Officer Gary Smith.

SWAT robot video shows trip wires, blinking lights and armed explosives creating a deadly jigsaw puzzle that had to be disarmed by explosives officers like Smith.

"You got your toolbox from all the training that you've done and you just need to figure out what the problem is, find out what the right tool is and use it," Smith said.

It's clear Holmes intended to take many more lives than the 12 killed at the theater.

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