House burglars in Texas get away with valuables but leave behind big clue

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FORNEY, TX - Two burglars thought they had everything figured out when they kicked in the door of this home in Forney, east of Dallas. The pair made off with a collection of Michael Jordan sneakers, electronics and an entire safe--an estimated $6,000 worth of stuff, in a matter of minutes. They even thought of a way to subdue two dogs in the backyard, distract them with a Subway sandwich.

But here's why they're one sandwich short of a picnic: the dopes dropped their Subway receipt in the backyard. They're in a real 'pickle' because that crumpled up piece of trash has a time stamp of the visit and their credit card info on it; now it's in the hands of police. It shouldn't be too long before the two wannabe burglars are eating bologna sandwiches in jail!