Refugee roundup, spanning the globe for the latest on the migrant crisis

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LESBOS, GREECE – NewsFix is spanning the globe for today’s refugee story roundup.

Dateline: Lesbos, Greece, scene of boatload after boatload of migrants and refugees, mostly from worn-ravaged Syria, but some come from as far away as Bangladesh.

Dateline: Hungary, where chaos broke out when police threw food at hungry refugees.

Meantime, the Hungarian government has declared a state of emergency and sent troops to the border with Serbia.

Dateline: Munich, where a wave of Syrian refugees arrived to seek asylum in Germany, which expects to take in 800,000 refugees this year.

Saudi Arabia isn’t taking any, but the kingdom has offered to build 200 mosques in Germany. That’s about one for every 100 refugees that have arrived so far this year.

Dateline: USA, where White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says the US will probably take around 1,500 Syrians during the fiscal year that ends this month. He says the plan is to take about 10,000 next year, maybe, but that’s the plan.

Dateline: Beijing, where Chinese leaders say “Hey, don’t look at us.”

Dateline: Facebook, where Syrians go to get advice on how to travel the migrant trail and where they post distress calls with GPS coordinates to help the Greek coast guard find them.

Dateline: Journalism Limbo, where former Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo resides after getting caught tripping and kicking refugees running from authorities. She’s apologizing, saying she’s not the heartless racist people say she is.

So, like, maybe she’s a racist with a heart?

And a strong leg, it seems.