20 students suspended for wearing Confederate flag clothing

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CHRISTIANSBURG, VA - High school: for some, it's all about 'fitting in' with the 'in crowd,' especially when it comes to fashion. One group of students in Virginia wanted to 'fit in' by standing out--in their Confederate flag gear.

More than 20 Christiansburg High School students showed up to school donned in their finest flag gear in protest of a school ban. The school does not allow clothes that are 'contrary to diversity and acceptance.' They even put a ban on Confederate flags on student vehicles.

When the students arrived, a-hootin' and a-hollerin' about their First Amendment rights, the school sent them right out the door. Some were suspended for a day, others for three days.

A school spokeswoman says it has recently dealt with incidents of 'racially motivated' behavior, and lifting the ban on the Stars and Bars would cause a disruption at school. Sending kids home over a t-shirt disrupts their education, but hey, rules are rules, right?