8.3-magnitude quake in Chile causes pools to splash in Argentina and tsunami alerts in Hawaii

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SANTIAGO, CHILE – Mother Nature served up a heaping helping of Chile con quake-o to the folks down South America way.

An 8.3 magnitude earthquake that hit about 170 miles north of Chile’s capitol Santiago was felt by people in Sao Paulo, Brazil, more than 2,100 miles to the east.

The government ordered the evacuation of about a million residents along the country’s coastline and on Easter Island.

Officials say at least eight people died and about a quarter of a million homes lost power.

One woman near the epicenter died when a wall fell on her. Falling rocks crushed another woman to death.

A video posted on social media is said to be at an indoor pool in Argentina, hundreds of miles from the center of the quake.

Chilean officials called for the evacuations along the coast because of the fear of tsunamis.

Waves fifteen feet high hit the port city of Coquimbo, about 285 miles north of Santiago.

Tsunami warnings and advisories went out for as far away as Hawaii.

Locals and tourists didn’t seem concerned about a possible tsunami, choosing instead to take in the sun, sand, and sea at Waikiki Beach, while the folks down in Chile went about the task of cleaning up, and hoping Mother Nature doesn’t have a second course of quake-o planned for them.