A day at the zoo with Erica Rico

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HOUSTON - Turn the TV off, put your phone down and get ready to create fantastic memories with your children and the entire family.  Erica Rico, The New Q93 Country's DJ is taking us all on a trip to to the Houston Zoo.   In her search for What's Hot in Houston, Erica brought some of her own kids to roar along with the magnificent creatures of the world.

"This summer we opened up a two-acre Western Lowland gorilla habitat, and people love it", said Jackie Wallace, Director of Public Relations at the Houston Zoo.   "And just a couple weeks ago we had a brand new baby giraffe named Gigi born."

The zoo is a great spot to see all the animals we love.  But there are so many other locations around Houston, like Downtown Aquarium, there's also Moody Gardens and, if you're wearing your explorer hat and want to see some alligators, the Brazos Bend State Park is the place to go.

So now you know: if you're up for some quality time with your kids, start practicing your crazy animal sounds, pack your snacks and kick off your safari experience at the Houston zoo.