Amazing GoPro video of Grand Canyon from space

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GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, AZ – Two years ago, a group of college kids decided they wanted to get high. No, not high on drugs, high in the sky!

Some Stanford students put a GoPro camera and a smart phone in a custom-designed box, attached it to a helium balloon and let it fly. The camera was lost for two years, until ironically, a woman who worked for AT&T found it intact, with stunning video of the Grand Canyon.

An hour and 12 minutes after launch, the GoPro soared into the Stratosphere. At 86,000 feet, the Grand Canyon looks like spider veins on the Earth, and you can see the edge of space. The camera reaches an amazing peak altitude of 98,660 feet when the balloon pops. What goes up must come down, and so the GoPro tumbles back to Earth for half an hour, landing gracefully in the desert.

When a hiker returned the phone to AT&T two years later, employees used the SIM card to identify the owner, and returned the stellar footage. The Stanford alumni uploaded the video to YouTube, where it racked up over 3.6 million views in a matter of days–a grand view that’s truly out of this world.