Ashley Graham makes big impression at New York Fashion Week

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NEW YORK, NY - Move over Ashley Madison! There`s a different Ashley making headlines....big ones! Ashley Graham., the plus size model, is taking the fashion industry by storm. She says, "I had a really hard time finding support and sexy combined. And I really wanted something that I also wanted to wear."

So, Graham designed her own lingerie and is presenting the "Addition Elle Collection" at the famous New York Fashion Week, exclaiming, "We're making history!"

Here is the skinny on Graham.

Originally from Lincoln, Nebraska, she made a big splash on the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She's now all over social media, giving TED Talks and posting to Instagram  - showing off other plus size runway models in all their plus size glory.

"I already knew I was sexy. I knew I was curvy. So I just owned it."

Graham's message is simple. "True beauty comes from within and that validation and self-worth must also come from within."

What do you know....a role model who can size up any situation!