Caught on cam: San Francisco fans attack Vikings fan

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Just more than a year after its ribbon-cutting ceremony, Levi's Stadium has been host to WrestleMania 31, countless concerts, five 49ers wins and two brutal brawls caught on camera.

The most recent one happened on Sunday after the Vikings vs. 49ers game. Disturbing video shows a group of SF fans kicking and punching a lone Minnesota fan. A security guard tries to stop the fight and eventually helped the victim up.

Last October, another appalling scene in Levi's ended with assault charges for two fans who beat another man in a restroom. But 49ers fans don't just act up at home; viral video shows a group taking on Cardinal fans in Arizona.

Things have gotten so savage in San Fran that the NFL cancelled the annual Raiders-49ers preseason game because it always ended in fan fisticuffs. That didn't seem to faze the league when it came to awarding the 2016 Super Bowl, though.

Let's hope the only full contact made during the big game is on the field, not in the stands.