Crimes against the family; can they be explained?

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HOUSTON, TX - They're the headlines that make you cringe: "Father Kills Family," "Wife Kills Children" or "Man Kills Wife."

"As our society is more violent, our homes are more violent," said forensic pathologist Camille Shea. "As our homes are more violent, it affects society. It becomes this vicious circle."

But what drives a person to kill someone they love?

"There is no one answer to that questions, unfortunately," said Shea, adding, "Murdering a family member is an act of violence and mental health is significantly related to violent acts."

Though some crimes seem to happen in a moment of passion or during a psychotic break, Shea says there are usually indicators, such as threats.

"Whether it's for homicide or suicide or frustration with their children, those threats should be taken seriously," Shea said. "If they're getting the mental health service they need, their risk is going to go down."

It all boils down to something you've heard before: if you see something, say something.

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