HISD’s bus driver union is calling for a change in seat belt policy

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HOUSTON - Sadly, sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring about change. In light of Tuesday's horrific bus accident, HISD's bus driver union is calling for exactly that.

Wretha Thomas of HISD's Blue Collar Worker Union explained, "One local policy that we want to start right now in HISD, that HISD provide those three-point seat belts and we want the parents and the teachers, and everybody involved with this to make our kids safer."

"Let's change now. Let's get on the program, let's look at all the other school districts in Harris County and let's make sure that those kids in those yellow buses are safe," said Richard Shaw of the Harris County AFL-CIO.

Even a school board trustee sees the importance for a change to the current policy that doesn't require students to wear seat belts on buses.

HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche says, "Personally as an individual trustee, I think all the students should be wearing seat belts."

Parents agree that changes should be made.

"Always reevaluate...any kind of safety concerns is always a good thing. More pressure it has on people to protect our kids, why not?" said Theo Tsekouras

No telling if seat belts would have made a difference in this accident, but they might have.