Man shot multiple times by ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend

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HOUSTON, TX - It`s time to play a game called, "And You Think You're Having a Bad Day!!!! Today`s installment is about love triangles. This tale of two Romeos took place at the Woodlen Place Apartments in southeast Houston.

According to Sgt. Baron Glover with the Houston Police Department, an ex-boyfriend showed up at a woman's apartment to talk to his ex-girlfriend, but she was already dating another guy.

A neighbor known as "D," recounts what was happening. "He was like, man I want my clothes. Know what I`m saying? And she was like No!"

The ex-boyfriend ended up kicking the in the door to the apartment, only to be met on the other side by the new boyfriend who had a gun. The new boyfriend shot the ex four times, according to police. "He was shot one time in the left side of the neck. Left arm. Left side. And uh right thigh."

He was taken to Ben Taub Hospital for surgery and is listed in stable condition, but he has been charged with attempted burglary. The shooter, meanwhile, was released and not charged with anything.

Let`s see....lose your girl, lose your stuff, get shot, and get charged with a crime. And you think you`re having a bad day?