New Orleans jail gets dog to sniff out cell phones

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NEW ORLEANS - A new jail facility in New Orleans is using a dog that's learned new a trick to take a bite out of crime with its nose.

Meet 'Dex', one of three cell phone-sniffing dogs in the whole state of Louisiana.  He was donated to the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office to sniff out cell phones on inmates.

As strange as it may sound, cell phones do have a certain scent.

"A cell phone gives off a property, a scent.  It's enough to pick up and actually works.  It's worked well," says John Casbon, Dex's donor.

It would have been good to have 'Dex' back in 2009 when video of inmates with much contraband was shot with a cell phone inside one of the old jail buildings.

Dogs like 'Dex' cost about $12,000, which seems to be worth every penny because technology can only do so much.

"We've developed technologies to identify cell phones on people if the cell phone is turned on, but if the cell phone is turned off, our most sophisticated technologies are helpless," says Rafael Goyeneche III , president of the New Orleans Metropolitan Crime Commission.