Not making your bed might be good for killing dust mites

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LONDON, ENGLAND - You remember how many times your mother had to tell you to make your bed? Well, sometimes mama doesn't always know best. Dust Mites are teeny, tiny and terrifying. These creepy crawlies are camping out all over your bed. Science says about 1.5 million dust mites might be calling your mattress "home". That's why some researchers are bucking the system by saying keep your bed a mess!

The Kingston University in London, looked at dust mites living where you sleep. The little buggers spend their whole life, lounging around on your bed eating your dead skin cells. The place where you lay your head at night, might also be plagued by mites. Two-year-old pillows can hold so many mites, that 10% of its weight could be attributed to the pests and their poo. That's the stuff of nightmares.

The good news is the researchers found the little critters couldn't survive the dry conditions found in an unmade bed. Scientists suggest beds be kept messy to remove moisture from the sheets and mattress, causing the mites to eventually dehydrate and die. And for those you like it tidy, you can eventually make your bed after a few hours of leaving it messy. Also, washing your sheets at least every two weeks and replacing your pillows every couple of years, will also keep dust mites from being your bunk mates. Good night, mites!